Hi. I'm Vivek Srinivasan.

And I put this website together for those who wish to know me. I am a business consultant and I help mentor startups. I am also working with universities in India, so more startups are born out of universities.

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I help shape startups and give them direction

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Mentoring Startups

I work with startups, and mentor them on several aspects of developing their business. Looking at a business from the outside provides great perspective. Add experience to it and one is in a position to extend true value. I spend a lot of time thinking about the startups which I mentor. Though, I only spend about 4 hours a week with the founders to discuss the direction which can/should be pursued; it is the condensation of many hours or even days of thought and research.

Working with Students

I firmly believe that in order to improve the quality of entrepreneurship in India, it is important to encourage students to take a plunge. There is something so powerful about those years, the faith, the belief, the enthusiasm, the foolishness and the nonchalance towards risk; which provides for the potent ingredients needed for a business to succeed. I speak to students and work with them to encourage the development of startups.

Business Consulting

I started my career as a consultant and always have been. Over the years I have worked with businesses in many industries, consulting in various capacities. I have worked with small, medium and large enterprises. The experience that I have gained while consulting holds me in great stead while mentoring. I also serve the board of multiple companies to provide them my inputs on crucial business decisions. I specialise in the areas of Technology, Retail and Value Added Real Estate.

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Doubt who you will, but never yourself. ~ Bovee

I find it hard to write about myself. But, since I have decided to put together a site for myself, I am left with no other choice.

I was not a great student, but as was the fad the of times when I was a student, I was brainwashed to pursue engineering. I graduated as a Mechanical Engineer. It was not all bad, I had a couple of internships at a Helicopter Rocket development firm in Belgium and rather enjoyed blowing up stuff! But anyhow, the education system being as it was, by the time I got done with engineering, I did not want anything to do with engineering. Hence, I latched on to the next great fad! MBA. I might have chosen MBA due to the general fad but I was built for it. I finished Valeditorian, although I did not even expend 1/10th the effort that I expended during my engineering. It just came to me naturally. During my MBA, I had the opportunity to intern in Belgium and France.

I started my work life as a retail consultant. I worked at Technopak Advisors for nearly two years. I had a great opportunity in the form of Prudence that I stumbled upon in 2008 and decided to pursue it.

Back in 2007/08, we used to come across a lot of individuals who would be sitting of money, wished to start a business, but did not know how to go about it. Thanks to Lehman Brothers, the economy was bad and many who lost their jobs, just wanted to start something. We set out helping these individuals. I did not even know these guys were called Startups! It was just good business for us. Today, I am the Managing Director of Prudence Advisors, which is a startup consulting firm based out of Bangalore. I have held a leadership position at Prudence since 2008. Over the course of this duration, apart from consulting for many businesses, I have also setup and shut-down other businesses with my co-founder and partner Salma. This experience proves to be invaluable, even to this day.

In March of 2013, on a whim, along with 3 others initiated Startups Club. We setup this group with an intention of bringing entrepreneurs together to learn and grow. I am part of the core committee of this group.

I enjoy working with students and helping them develop technology which could have business applications. As a part of doing this, I am currently working with VIT-TBI, where Prudence Advisors has taken up an office. Also, to marginally satisfy the investor in me, we have established a student grant this year at VIT.

I Love To...

There is no remedy for love but to love more. ~ Henry David Thoreau

There are few things that I really enjoy doing. I love to travel. No matter when, where, how and for what; I am ever-ready to travel. I can pack up leave for anywhere in half an hour. The fact that I love to drive only makes traveling more likely. I love to discover, find new cuisines (this has landed me in trouble a few times), find places, meet new people, learn their culture, their language and their way of life.

I love to read and learn about new things. This fact alone makes me a huge technophile. I keep tinkering with things, learning new things. It might be a course on Coursera or a tutorial on codecademy or a new language on Duolingo. I am a huge Apple fan and am obsessed with Steve Jobs.

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