Why Android has lower Internet usage


There is a lot written on how android users are less data savvy that their Apple counterparts.

The actual reason for the disparity is due to the profile of the phones that carry Android.

Apple sells one model of its phone and generates the huge numbers that it does. By contrast android and its partners generate their sales through hundreds, if not thousands of models of phones. Most of the phones which they sell are low end phones which are extremely inferior in quality and performance. The android developers on the other hand are forced to produce apps which can be installed on all Android phones. Now most of the android phones cannot run too many apps. They are not designed for that kind of performance.

The poor performance of most Android devices is the reason that they are not used heavily therefore consuming much lesser data.

Apple Maps – Australian Fiasco


So now the police have set about putting up warning about various mapping product. At least the Australian police seem to have cartographic experts who are qualified to put out warnings about cartographic products!

So a few weeks back I was driving from a place called Raichur (North Karnataka) to Bangalore. Yes its a place not too many people have heard about just like Mildura. I was using Google Maps for directions and somewhere along the way this wonderful app located me somewhere in the middle of Czech Republic. Obviously I was a little concerned when the map showed me off by a few thousand miles. To add to the misery, there not a soul in sight for kilometers and I had to continue driving hoping that the direction in which I was headed was correct. I was in Czech Republic for about 40 Kilometers after which it put me back in India.

Fortunately, I did not approach the police about the incident and also I do not believe that the Indian cops are very keenly interested in cartographic issues.

So, What is the point? Well, clearly nobody is perfect. The problem with Apple is that there are just too successful. They have the highest profits in the mobile industry. The company is therefore under a great deal of scrutiny. Also, the millions of blogs that follow the company need fodder to write about and hence they hang onto any obscure report that may materialise.

I would like to know how many of the blogs the Australian Apple Maps incident have actually spoken to the officer involved!

The blogging community need to leave Apple alone. They have made a mistake and have admitted to it. They are not crowdsourcing data, which means that their product development is on a different slope as compared to Google. Let them do what they believe is right and then time will let us know if the approach was right or not.

Till then, just let them be.