First Times


One of the things that is true about human nature is that our ability to face a situation improves if we have  faced such a situation already.

The first time you change your job, you find the transition a lot harder than thereafter.

If a family has had a case of cancer once, their ability to deal with another member suffering it is much improved.

The first child is always an experiment. Parents don’t worry as much about the second child and the second child also benefits from the best practices learnt from the first.

As an entrepreneur you have to deal with many first times. Keep them coming thick and fast. Face the unknowns as soon as possible. It won’t be the last time you will face it.

Straight ‘A’ students are highly disadvantaged in the real world. A life where you have never faced a calamity, a failure, a disaster leaves you ill-prepared to face it.

Some day you will have to face it, probability has a way of catching up!

Murphy’s Law…


states – Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

Murphy did not come up with this. It was attributed to him.

Either way, this is a pessimist’s way of looking at life.

If fear dominates you, you think about the things that will go wrong and what you keep thinking about, often comes to pass.

If faith/belief dominates you, you think about the things you want to achieve and they come to pass.


What have you been thinking about?